My Journal


Day 121 - December 7th 1914

We have had a very rough day; we have entered the ice strewn waters of the Weddell Sea. The ship is jolting and rolling very quickly in every direction and I am beginning to feel unwell. The whalers’ warnings had been correct, it was a particularly bad season for ice and there are more storms ahead.

Day 163 - January 18th 1915 

The storms continued for quite a number of days but we are finally getting close to Vahsel Bay. It should be the peak of summer but the loose ice seems to be freezing together and the ship is drifting in the ice. We are not making much movement. I’m worried we might be stuck here for a while. I miss my dear wife terribly.

Day 262 - April 27th 1915

We have been stuck for some time now; all of our belongings are sodden and dirty. The damage to the ship is worsening as it is squeezed by the ice swelling and building up around us. We are searching for food daily as our supplies are rapidly dwindling, and we have made some quite strange discoveries.

We have signalled for help. No ship has come yet. Now we wait…

Maybe July 19th 1915

I do not know how long I have been here. I am alone now with no further rations. I often hear strange and whimsical noises.

I do not know what is out there, but it is calling for me.